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Using an Android smartphone, can you find out the name of the Argentinean player who was sent off in the 1990 world cup finals Vs. Italy? Well, one way out is to use the Google Search feature, and browse through tens of websites in the search results, and you might find the answer. Else, you can use KGB (not the Russian spy agency) Android app to dig out the precise answer, but for a price of $0.99. Well, you might not want to spend nearly a dollar for such simple trivia poser. But there may be questions to which you need the precise answer in no time, such as ‘what is a good deal hotel in New Jersey for a given day?’ and you don’t really mind shelling out less than a dollar for it, at that moment.


The Deal

KGB Android app comes with three free answers offer. From fourth question onwards, it will cost the user $0.99. The KGB app for Android costs a moderate $1.99 per license, for the user.

KGB Android App Uses

KGB Android mobile application gives detailed info to queries. For example, if the query is about economic hotel accommodation in some place, KGB provides not only the hotel name and the rates, but also the map indicating the precise location of the said hotel, contact info, and related questions other KGB users have asked earlier. Users can send such received information with other Android users via email if they wish so. In fact, it is not email alone; KGB replies can also be posted on Facebook page newsfeed to show it to others in the friends list.

Further, KGB app for Android lets users maintain a complete searchable history of all previously asked questions, and answers for future reference. But, the biggest plus with KGB Android app is that users can also browse the questions asked by others for free. It saves a lot of money.

Final thoughts

KGB is a useful addition to one’s Android phone, if you travel a lot or have special liking for trivia. Some might argue that $0.99 is a tad costly for a question. But, since KGB Android app offers precise and comprehensive answers in virtually no time, it saves the users of the time they might have to spend on searching the web otherwise. There are situations in which information is worthier than $1, and in such circumstances, KGB app for Android comes really handy.

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