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Twidroid is the latest twitter application available for Android phone users. Twidroid is fully-featured Android mobile app that provides you with everything you need in a Twitter application. Whatever you like, to send a tweet, picture posting or to show your location, everything is possible through this advanced Google Android mobile application.

Integrated with Pretty Useful Features

As one of the widely used Twitter applications, Twidroid app for Android supports all main Twitter features. The functionality of Twidorid app can be custom-made to suit the capabilities of Android mobile services. This innovative application allows you to virtually benefit every Twitter function in your Android phone.

Using Twidroid Android app, you can contact your friends, post new tweets, reply to tweets, follow/unfollow a user, view user profiles, post photos/videos and much more. Integrated photo posting is one of the main features of this mob app. You can directly post photos from cam or disc and Twidroid supports image hosting services including Twitpic, phodroid and Twitgoo. This mob app also provides the geo location support to set your location with the new Geo feature. With Twitter buzz feature, you can directly view today’s most talked subjects on Twitter. The app provides background notification for direct messages and replies. Twidroid application has a nice appearance with light blue and grey graphic features.

Flexible Menu Options

Twidroid Android smartphone app opens up with a setup option and you can log in using your Twitter username and password. When you log in, you can see messages with avatars, display name and a tweet option button. You can see four menu options at the bottom of the screen to create a tweet, see replies, refreshing the list and to send direct message. In addition, menu also provides the options to search people within the tweets and to check buzz. You also have the option to control the number of tweets display. When you create a message there is also option to upload image or add your current location. In settings, you can set background notifications, various display options and more.


Twidroid is the one of the best application tool to efficiently access your Twitter account from your Android phone. This advanced Android mobile app seamlessly integrates with Android platform and effectively meet user’s tweeting needs. Now Twidroid Android app is available in two versions, free and commercial. You can download Twidroid app from Android Market. The comprehensive features and flexible functionality makes Twidroid Android app an indispensable application for your Google Android mobile.

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