King Tongue iPhone Game App Review

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The Banana King had declared war on monkeys, and you are their defender. King Tongue for iPhone is a fast paced arcade style game wherein your tongue is your greatest weapon against an army of bananas that want the monkeys and you wiped out. You can get King Tongue game for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


King Tongue game for iPhone has a cartoonish visual style, which is fitting owing to the crazy nature of the game. But despite its cartoonish visuals, the game is the game is rather detailed with the different environmental backgrounds, stage platforms and layouts, and character sprites. The colors on screen are vibrant. Animations are slick and smooth and this make the game quite enjoyable. The soundtrack is eccentric and catchy, while the sound effect is fun and humorous. In King Tongue game for iPhone, you’re attacked by thousands of armed banana minions that come in waves. You assume the control of King Tongue and try to overcome and defeat the banana army by going through the various chapters and clearing one level at a time. The objective in each level is to get rid of the incoming wave of banana foes. The difficulty levels increases as you progress in the game. Players can earn three stars at each level. This is contingent on beating the level, achieving a certain point threshold, and finishing within a particular time limit. You’ll get points based on how you slay the bananas. The more stylish your efforts, the more points you pocket.

King Tongue iPhone Game App Review

The controls in the game are intuitive at best. The character uses his tongue as a grappling hook to navigate its way around stages and foes. You just got to tap on where King Tongue to swing from and he’ll propel himself forward. If he gains enough momentum, he curls up into a ball that can cause damage to enemies when he ploughs into them. Another way to kill baddies it to tap on them to hook them, and then pull them towards King Tongue for some sick karate moves. Alternatively, you can even throw them onto the walls with the right amount of force. Further, a two finger tap on the screen activates King Tongue’s explosive attack that can get rid of all surrounding bananas. On the flip side, if you get hit by an enemy attack, you’re dead. If that happens, you got to restart the level again. King Tongue comes with full Game Center integration for both leaderboards and achievements.


King Tongue for iPhone is fun as well as challenging. You’ll love its cartoonish graphics and slick game play. The background score and sounds are fun to listen to. Its replay value is high, which is a good thing as far as player preference goes. It should also be appreciated that the game contains no further IAP. Overall, an entertaining time killer game that is worth checking out.

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