Proud app for iPhone Review

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It is a big challenge nowadays to manage ourselves. The best possible way is to streamline our personal and professional lives in the most productive way possible. This is where app such as Proud for iPhone assumes relevance. For starters, it is a productivity app that allows you to manage your time better. You can download Proud app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


Proud app for iPhone has a well designed interface. It sports different colored screens for each of the three views – Lists, Upcoming and Done – while the transition animations are slick and smooth. The sans serif typeface is legible and fitting for the app. There are some fun sound effects as well as you do things with the app. You can turn it off from settings. You can customize the app with 24 different color themes. Looks can be deceiving. Despite the simple appearance, Proud for iPhone is rather powerful in terms of what it offers. Apart from managing your task and lists, it also helps you stay focused on long-term goals and even de-stress right from the app. To access your goals, pull down the screen on the Lists section. Proud app comes with some default goal text. But you can edit them to add your own personal goals. Further, swiping the small section to the left brings on the De-Stress Superpower section. It gives you some tips to relax through breathing techniques. Slide upwards from the bottom of the screen to hide these sections.

Proud app for iPhone Review

If you’re on the List screen, just pull down to add a new list. Click on a list to view it, and pull down the screen to add a new item to it. Of course, you can add subtasks to each task. Simply swipe on them to bring up contextual menu buttons. When you want to assign a due date to a task, you’ll get a screen with multiple circular buttons as in snooze in Mailbox. Users can view all the upcoming tasks in second section. Everything is displayed in chronological order according to how you set them to be due. The Done section has the history of all your finished tasks and items. The app also supports iCloud sync.


Proud for iPhone allows you to be more productive, control your time better and maximize your potential for success. It has all the typical productivity app features, plus lot more. Its implementation of Pomodoro Technique tells you when to take a break and get back to work. The UI is simple and easy to navigate. Setting up tasks/subtasks is pretty straightforward process. Customization options, though few, comes handy. It is also possible to add reminders with Siri. Overall, a feature loaded productivity app that is worth checking out.

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