Chesh Game for iPhone Review

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Chesh for iPhone is a strategic turn based board game inspired by the classic game of Chess. It’s like chess, only not at all. The game is about skill, strategy, luck, and – above all else – randomness. You can download Chesh app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


The graphics of Chesh game for iPhone is retro. It should be a welcoming sight for fans of the old 8-bit era of gaming. The bright and vibrant neon chesh pieces contrasts well with the dark background. The cool thing about Chesh is that it features 533 different pieces submitted by 30 different artists, with each of them having its own random move sets. Despite the heavy pixellated looks, the animations are smooth. The chiptunes are fun to listen to. The audible clue when you’re running out of time comes handy. In Chesh, you can play any level as you wish. The main menu has six settings that you can change, with each featuring three options: Rows, Board, Starting Player, Game Mode (Bullet, Blitz, Infinite), Versus (Easy AI, Local Player, or Standard AI), and Color (Red/Green Blind, Standard, or Blue/Yellow Blind). As far as Chesh pieces go, the game is procedurally generated so that you’ll never have the same game twice. Of course, you can compete against other players online.

Chesh Game for iPhone Review

If you’d played Chess, then you know the basics. Both players move their Chesh pieces until one of them captures all the pieces of the opponent. In order to move a piece, simply tap on it and then select a highlighted space for it to go. You can’t undo a move. So be careful while moving the pieces. Further, each piece can move only a certain number of times only before it succumbs to fatigue. When it becomes weak, it starts to shake. If you still attempt to move it while it is fatigued, it’ll die. There is a concept called looping wherein a piece returns to its starting point when it reaches the other end of the board. Also, keep in mind that there are royalty levels for each of your pieces. Chesh for iPhone has high replay value, thanks to the three game modes, high customization levels, and randomized nature of games. The game is stable and responsive as well. Chesh requires iOS 7.0+.


Chesh for iPhone is a refreshing new take on the classic Chess game. The vintage style of visual stands out, whereas the soundtrack is delightful to the ears, and the tap controls are simple to learn. Customization options come handy. The game play is fun and challenging. It also got great replay-ability value. Chesh is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you’re a fan of strategic turn based games.

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