Nanuleu iPhone Game App Review

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Nanuleu for iPhone is a minimalistic strategy game that showcases the never-ending war between ancient magical trees and the dark forces trying to consume them. You got to gather resources and grow the trees to stop the invading dark forces. You can download the game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Nanuleu game for iPhone looks impressive if you’re into minimalistic isometric styles. The game is mostly flat, but appears at an angle, therein giving you a 2.5D perspective. The colors are bright and vibrant. The trees are shown in different colors and shapes to differentiate its purpose, while the hue changes indicate your progress. The dark invaders also have their own distinctive appearance and abilities. The soothing, atmospheric soundtrack is a pleasure to listen to. Nanuleu has three game modes: Apprentice, Warrior and Sage. The last one has to be unlocked by proving yourself to be a Warrior first. Each time you play the game, the map is procedurally generated so that you won’t get the same map again. Across the different modes, the objective of the game remains the same – to expand the land and repel the dark forces by the power of ancient magical plants. While it may sound simple, the game play is challenging. You got to manage resources, plant your defenses in the correct spots, and ensure that no enemies get through your defenses.

The controls are intuitive at best. You start out with one Life Tree. You have to extend its roots to expand the land. To do that, just tap on the adjacent squares and a circular popup menu appears with the different type of trees you can plant. The roots are brown diamonds. The roots will expand the land one square forward and two on the side. You will come across squares with yellow dots, blue swirls, and white stars. When you reach them, you can plant appropriate trees on it, provided you got the resources. If you plant more water and mineral trees, your resources fill up fast and you can go about planting trees faster. Eventually, the enemies start to come in and you got to defend against them.

Nanuleu iPhone Game App Review

You plant Pink Trees that is capable of defending the dark forces. As you manage to awaken more Life Trees, you’ll gain access to stronger trees, such as War trees that send their own warriors to attack. They can also plant more seeds for mineral and water trees. As the invaders encroach upon your territory, the land you control will recede. If they manage to take out your trees, you got to replant them, which means wasting resources. But you can see in which direction the invaders are coming so that you can take necessary defensive steps to repel the attack. The level ends if you manage to fend off all invaders or if they have breached your defenses and got to the central Life Tree. You will get points based on your performance.


Nanuleu for iPhone is fun and challenging. It reminds you of games like Rymdkapsel. The graphics is gorgeous and the game play, slick and responsive. Most importantly, it’ll keep you coming back for more. The music is soothing. Check it out if you love strategic games of this genre.

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