Klocki Game App for iPhone Review

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Klocki for iPhone is a relaxing puzzle game that is about connecting lines together. If you want a puzzle game that does not stress you out, Klocki is worth a look in. You can download Klocki for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Klocki for iPhone has a beautiful and minimalistic design. The graphics is rendered in 3D with an optical illusion kind of aesthetic, similar to the one in Monument Valley. But instead of navigating through an Escheresque world, you are required only to connect the lines together. The game has grey blocks will scrambled up lines on them. The blocks light up once the puzzle is solved. The fine grain texture on the blocks is a fantastic touch. The animations are buttery smooth to say the least. The delightful sound effects provide you audio feedback as you work up your way to the solution. The game has no tutorial whatsoever. You learn the rules by playing the game. The game play is pretty straightforward and simple to grasp.

Klocki Puzzle Game App for iPhone Review

Klocki for iPhone is a level based puzzler wherein you go through them in a linear order. There are no chapters or worlds to unlock. It is just puzzles. Once you solve a stage, you progress to the next one. But anytime you can come back and replay the ones you’d already completed. As there are no level numbers, it is hard to track how far you’d progressed in the game. The initial levels are relatively easy. But things get tricky as you progress. You’ll come across bends in the lines, more complex 3D shapes, blocks you can’t move, and different types of lines besides straight ones. The difficulty curve is gradual though. The game has no move or time limit. You can solve the puzzles at your own speed and convenience. We found the game to be stable and responsive as well.


Klocki for iPhone is called a relaxing puzzle as there is no time or move limits to the game .You can solve it at your own pace. The difficulty curve is rather gradual. It got a fair bit of replay-ability value as well as you can go back to a previous stage anytime. The animations are slick and smooth, while the sound effects are delightful. Overall, an enjoyable puzzle game worth checking out.

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