Sea of Squares iPhone Game App Review

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Sea of Squares for iPhone is a simple and relaxing puzzle game that let you unwind after a hectic day. In the game, you got to match two or more adjacent blocks of the same color to remove them up until you clear entire level. Sea of Squares game can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.


Sea of Squares for iPhone has a minimalistic design that all fans of minimalistic designs will come to like. While it sports a flat look throughout the menus and buttons, it also got some nice 3-D rendering when it comes to the layout of each puzzle. The background is black and it contrasts nicely with the colored squares and cubes. The typeface is slick and modern. Animations are smooth while there is no soundtrack to the game. The clicking and swooshing sound effects are fun to listen to. Sea of Squares for iPhone has three game modes: Relaxing (four colors), Timekilling (five colors), and Challenging (six colors). There are 100 different puzzle layouts in the game that are duplicated across the three game modes. The game rules remain the same across the modes. The game starts of as easy. But the going gets difficult as you progress through the stages.

Sea of Squares iPhone Game App Review

We found the controls in the game to be intuitive and easy to grasp. To make matches of at least two squares or cubes, just tap on the cluster. Once they are removed, the other pieces will shift over accordingly, therein providing you with more possibilities. You can rotate the entire puzzle by dragging the finger around. You can easily zoom in/out using pinch gestures. Further, if you’d looked at every nook and corner of a puzzle and still can’t find any more matches to make, don’t fret. The game provides you with five shuffles that you can activate using the button at the top-left. But ideally, you should not be using this feature unless it is absolutely necessary. If you have more shuffles remaining towards the end, the more bonus points you’ll get. Larger matches will pocket your more points too. So plan your game accordingly. Sea of Squares requires iOS 8.0 or higher.


Sea of Squares for iPhone is a simple relaxing 3D puzzle game with moderate difficulty levels. The graphics is minimalistic yet decent. The controls are intuitive, while the game has no soundtrack. The shuffles come handy if you’re stuck somewhere, with seemingly no way forward. But the lesser shuffles you utilize, the more points you earn. The game is found to be stable and responsive as well. If you’d liked puzzlers in the genre of Domino Drop and Zirkel, you’ll enjoy Sea of Squares as well likely.

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