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An average person might know to do at most 4 or 5 knots. For most of us, the only time when we need to know how to tie a knot is when tying up the thread while working on a sewing project or while lacing the sneakers. It is in fact a crucial life skill that might come handy in certain specific situations. Knots 3D app foriIPhone introduces you to a whooping 90+ different knots and ways to tie them effectively. You can get Knots 3D iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Knots 3D app for iPhone introduces you to 90+ knots and teaches you how they’re tied in incredible detail. The animated 3D diagrams make it easy to comprehend how a knot comes together, especially if it has multiple strands involved. Like in CAD, you can rotate the knots so you can see them from any angle. You can also zoom into the knots for a closer look. Users would certainly enjoy the descriptions that come with the knots, including alternative names of knots. Having a background of why a particular knot was invented and how they were used will be helpful when you’re trying to figure out which knots suits a certain situation. Further, each 3D knot has detailed reference information including tying pointers, strength and reliability, structural info, and Ashley reference numbers (ABoK).

Knots 3D App for iPhone

Knots 3D app for iPhone works without an internet connection. So you can just fire up the app anytime to learn about a particular knot and the way it is tied. Of course, you can browse knots by categories. You can even create a favorite list to quickly pull out the knots that you might frequently use. Knots 3D is localized for English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. On the flip side, Knots 3D app does not provide a means to search a particular note by its name. Also, you can use specific keywords to filter knots.


Knots 3D app for iPhone teaches you a huge array of knots. Whether you’re a sailor, mover, outdoorsman or simply someone who loves to go camping, Knots 3D app would come handy whenever you are required to create a knot to tie something together. The 3D animations teach you the nuances of making each knot. You can also search knots by category even though you can’t search one by its name. Multi-language support comes handy especially if you are a non-English speaker. The app is also stable. Overall, a useful app that teaches you the nuances of creating various knots. Check it out.

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