Legends of Yore Full App for iPhone Review

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If you’ve grew up playing pixilated arcade games in then lesser powered machines, Legends of Yore Full might be a throwback to those days. It is a fun filled dungeon adventure that harken backs to a simpler time. You can get Legends of Yore Full app for iPhone for $1.99. This game app is also available in a free of cost version.

Legends of Yore Full App Features

Legends of Yore Full iPhone app is a pre-upgraded version of the free game – Legends of Yore. Purchasing the game gives the player access to entire levels. The free version of the game has 20 levels, beyond which you got to upgrade if you want to move ahead. If you don’t upgrade, still you can play the game, but with lesser gold and XP. The retro-inspired graphics of Legends of Yore Full is fun, as mentioned. However, on the iPhone screen, things look a bit crammed. You’ll like playing it on iPad better.

Legends of Yore Full App for iPhone

In Legends of Yore game, you can opt to fight as a warrior, archer, or wizard. Stash point allows you to protect certain items from being lost in combat. You got tons of quest means you won’t get bored for action any time. To cite an example, one of your earliest quests involves hunting down a pile of skeletons in a crypt, fighting off giant snakes all the while. The retro-inspired sound track adds to the overall feel of the game. An interesting feature is that you can stash your prized supplies away from the field of action so that you don’t lose it even if you die in the battle. You got lots of customization options to get the game the way you want. The menus are a bit complex though.

Legends of Yore Full app for iPhone is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.


Legends of Yore Full app for iPhone is a dungeon adventure game presented in retro-inspired graphics. The game has tons of quests to keep you engaged. The graphics is a throwback to the yesteryears, and sound effects complementing the overall theme. Customization options come handy even though the menus are a bit complex. Those who don’t want to pay up may go for the free version of the app. Verdict: If you love retro themed games, check this one out.

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