Screen Controls Pro App for Android Review

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Screen timeout ensures that your phone screen turns off after few seconds of inactivity, therein saving precious battery life. But it can get in the way of certain tasks such as reading an ebook or playing a game. Screen Controls Pro app for Android is a handy utility that let you customize screen timeout settings for different apps installed in your phone. You can get the app for $0.99 from Google Play.

Screen Controls Pro App Features

Using Screen Controls Pro app for Android, you can set the screen timeout for a longer duration for reading an ebook or playing games. It is also possible to customize screen brightness levels for individual apps. That is, you can crank up the screen brightness if you’re watching a Youtube video, and turn it down when you’re reading a darker themed ebook. However, keep in mind that unless the brightness is set to auto, you have to enter the OS settings to configure the brightness and timeout every time, which is a bit of a hassle at times.

Screen Controls Pro App for Android

The UI of Screen Controls Pro app is well designed. As soon as you load Screen Controls Pro, you’ll see three tabs, one for each type of potential apps installed in your phone. They are “All apps,” “Favorites,” and Running Apps”. Further, there is a search box below the tabs so that you can specify a particular app. To customize things, pick an app from one of the lists and you will be brought to a sub-menu wherein you can go about setting the brightness and timeout parameters. In the app settings, you can change the various settings and apply them to individual apps according to your preference. Screen controls can be configured to run as soon as your phone boots.

Android Screen Controls Pro app uses 44 MB of RAM while running which is a bit on the higher side. The app is also available in an ad-supported free version. Screen Controls Pro is compatible with Android OS versions 3.0 and up.


Screen Controls Pro app for Android let you configure brightness/screen timeout settings for individual apps in your phone. It is useful in situations wherein you want the screen timeout and brightness levels to be different for a particular application. However, it is a bit of a downside that the app uses lots of internal memory. Verdict: An app worth considering if you read and game a lot on your phone.

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