ReelDirector App for iPhone Review

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ReelDirector app for iPhone is high quality video editor with which you can make/remake a new/old video or edit it to meet your needs without fading its quality. Nexvico has fashioned ReelDirector app which is simple to use interface and an effective tool that will deliver excellent videos.

Features of ReelDirector App

HD Output – ReelDirector promises high quality HD output with minimal quality loss. You can also re-compress the videos when ever it’s necessary.
Tailored Text Treatment – With 28 unique transitional modes ReelDirector app for iPhone delivers highly customizable text treatments. The multi tasking is a foremost feature as you can restart the entire export even if it’s interrupted in between.
Media Coverage – ReelDirector app helps in creating videos with titles and effects in a very simple and elegant fashion. It is easy to operate and making videos in it is fun.
Editing – The process of editing will be activated once you tap the thumbnail of a video. It has a toolbar which has the two indicating icons for starting and stopping. You can also crop, trim or even split the video clips. It has a very simple and user friendly scroll, seek and arrange technique on the timeline. Soundtracks can be recorded, can be positioned properly with appropriate volume.

ReelDirector App for iPhone

Trimming – The original video can be kept aside while you make/remake the final one. You also have an option of splitting a video into 2 or more clips effortlessly. Features like Kern burns can be added for best outputs.
Texts – Adding titles and sub-titles to the beginning, ending or to each clip is feasible now. You can also adjust the length and font size of the text material. 72 diverse appearances can be created with a combination of 8 styles and 9 positions. Fading effects can also be tuned in.
Transition – The animated preview for each transition is viable now and you can chose the one you like. Transitions can be added by design in between each clip and it can be added or removed while editing. Some of the available transitions are as follows; Fade through / Flash through Black/White, Cross Dissolve, Blur Fade / Blur Cross (fade out of focus), Wipe Blend Left/Right/Up/Down, Wipe Up/Left/Right/Down, Wipe Soft Left/Up/Right/Down, Push Left/up/Right/Down, Push Left/Up/Right Down with Border and Whiteout.


ReelDirector app is compatible for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. On iPad with iOS 4.2 update, the HD videos are supported. The new iPod Touch (4th generation) completely supports the ReelDirector.


It is a Real Bargain. It’s not Final Cut Pro, but frankly, one will be bowled over with how much ReelDirector app for iPhone can do with your digital videos for just $1.99. Download it today and be a architect of High Definition Videos.

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