Wipeout App for iPhone Review

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Attention Gamers! Here we have an exciting proposal for you. Bounce with the Big Balls to the world of Wipeout app. Your journey will be enthralling as at each elating step you have many tasks to complete. Wide array of different characters and each of them with unique ability will help you explore this unknown land of Wipeout. Each of them will rally round to confront the challenges and amass points in the form of coins. With these acquired coins you can be a great trader by purchasing variety of items for completing the game. Your expertise will be tested in the course of the game and to reach the end point you need to jig-jog, dodge, slither, dip and dive, no matter where you are! Fight your way to the finish line. Wipeout iPhone app comes with a price tag of $1.99.

Features of Wipeout App

Earn Points – Wipeout app becomes interesting as you go earning points.
Redeem Points – You can redeem the style points to release new shows, other contender, power-up helmets, and boosts.
Characters – Iniquitous Big Balls, a wide choice of uncanny character with unique panache will conquer all the challenges ahead. Even when all the characters have been unlocked Wipeout remains to be a nail biting game.
Time Trial Mode – This mode not only helps you to familiarize with the game by making you run perfectly every round but also allows you to improve upon your skill sets.

Wipeout App for iPhone

Themes and Location – You can play through the entire game with fan-favorite themes and fun locations like Sports Night and Old MacBallsy.
Capture Perfect Moments – You can re-run the entire classical marathon in slow motion. Along with it you can capture shots and send those across.
Achievements – You can invite your friends and compete with them to earn achievements.


With Wipeout app for iPhone you can relax and have a good time by accomplishing all the missions. It delivers a potent dose of fleeting fun. The levels in the game Wipeout makes it one amongst the premier games. Download Wipeout app and enjoy the triumphant bouncy journey!

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