Gravity Screen Pro App for Android Review

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Moto X has this interesting feature: the screen turns on and unlocks itself whenever you pick it up. Further, logic lead me to believe that there must be a way to have the screen turn off when you put the device down. Well, in fact, there is such a utility available in Google Play Store, called Gravity Screen Pro for Android. The app let you configure your phone so that its screen turns on when you pick it up, and back off when you lay it down. You can get Gravity Screen Pro Android app for $1.69 from Google Play.

Gravity Screen Pro App Features

Gravity Screen Pro app for Android turns automatically your screen off when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table and turn the screen on when you take it out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready to go. Now the trick: the app monitors the orientation of the device through the gravity sensor. When your phone is pointing downward by its top, in a certain angle, it’s likely to be out of use. In this situation, the proximity sensor is activated to determine if it is covered. If yes, the screen turns off because probably you placed the phone into your pocket or onto a table. Since the app turns on the proximity sensor when it is absolutely necessary, there is no risk of battery drain either.

Gravity Screen Pro App for Android

You can use one of its sensors to interact with the device.

  • Pocket Sensor: It recognizes when your phone is in your pocket. If the phone turns below the angle you set, it automatically turns the screen off.
  • Table Sensor: It sense if you’ve put down your phone on a table/flat surface and turns off the screen.
  • Turn Screen On by Motion: If the screen is off and facing up, the device awakes by any movements such as lift up by hand. The screen can be turned on by motion up to 16 hours
  • Keep Screen On by Motion: It senses small movements of the phone – such as when you’re holding it in your hand – and keeps the screen on.

Here is a piece of technical info: the pocket sensor can only be set to 60 degrees max and the table sensor 10 degrees max. So that is the limit within which the app functions properly.
Gravity Screen Pro has an option to start the app on boot. It is convenient if you don’t want to worry about launching the app manually. The app uses 13 MB while running. Gravity Screen Pro is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.


Gravity Screen Pro app for Android let you forget your phone’s power/unlock button temporarily. And it is certainly handy to have a utility that takes care of switching on/off the phone screen automatically. It is pretty easy to configure the app. Those who do not want to pay upfront may opt for the app’s free version. Verdict: Check it out.

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