Let It Shop Pro App for Android Review

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Gone are the days of lists penned on paper. Shopping lists have gone digital of late. Now you got many apps with which you can create a shopping list, even though not all of them are quite user friendly. The makers of Let It Shop Pro app for Android attempts to solve this problem by coming up with an application dedicated for shopping lists. The app also aids you by calculating the total cost of a shopping trip. You can get Let It Shop Pro Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Let It Shop Pro App Features

Let It Shop Pro app for Android helps you create shopping lists easily. You have an option to include the prices as well for each item, and the app will calculate the total cost by adding up individual prices of items on the list. So you’ll know about your approximate expense even before you’re out shopping.

Once the Android Let It Shop Pro app loads up, you’ll be presented with a text entry box, wherein you type in the item you wish to add to the list. The app itself makes suggestions as you’re typing, making the job lot easier for you. That is, while entering products, you can make use of the list option beside the text field to open the frequently used submenu. The app remembers the frequently entered items by you, and they show up in the submenu for quicker access. Once you enter an item, you move to enter the price of the item. It need not have to be exact; it can be an estimate at best. Once you’ve entered the prices of all the items in the list, Let It Shop Pro calculates the total cost. Next, you got to enter the amount of each item in the list. You can cross an item off by simply tapping the item once you pick it up from the store.

Let It Shop Pro App for Android

From the settings menu, you can choose your currency and the display language. It is also possible to add the sales tax for your transactions. Let It Shop Pro Android app however got one glaring downside. You can’t delete an item from the shopping list. By a long press, you can transfer it to another list or you can edit the details if you wish. But you can’t delete it. The only way out is to cross out an item and remove it by choosing ‘remove crossed’ from the app menu, which is a bit of a roundabout method. You can also remove the grocery list as a whole.


Let It Shop Pro app for Android is a handy shopping list app that let you calculate an approximate estimate of your shopping expenses, as you make the list. The option to strike off items purchased is a useful feature. Verdict: A shopping list app worth trying out.

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