SD Maid Pro App for Android Review

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When you install and uninstall apps or delete files, they can still leave traces behind and this junk gets piled up over time, eventually slowing down the device. SD Maid Pro app for Android is designed to clear up such rubbish and in the process optimize the storage utilization. You can get SD Maid Pro Android app for $2.25.

SD Maid Pro App Features

SD Maid Pro app for Android is a storage cleaner as well as a system optimizer. Before we go any further, please take note of the fact that SD Maid is meant for phones with root access. Otherwise, its functionalities will be very much limited. SD Maid Pro provides an extensive list of system tools and cleaning functions. Now let’s see how effectively it manages to clean the device and eliminate bloat. The app comes with a highly diverse toolset for managing the Android file system. For example, it got a ‘searcher’ feature to find specific files. The ‘Corpse Finder’ comes handy in finding residual files leftover from a past uninstall. The ‘App Control’ functionality, on the other hand, is useful in freezing/eliminating carrier bloatware.

SD Maid Pro App for Android

The ‘Duplicates’ feature let you find duplicate files in your device memory, whereas ‘Biggest Files’ track down the files that take up most space. Further, the ‘App Cleaner’ clears cache files, while ‘System Cleaner’ utility is meant to scan the devices known directories with unnecessary files. The app also got a comprehensive file explorer and manger in ‘Explorer’ feature. Last but not the least, there is a Miscellaneous utility for various left over functions such as deleting battery stats, market search history, quick search history, and viewing files that are modified recently. Performance wise, the app did quite well in tests. It has not deleted any critical files either. The user interface of SD Maid Pro Android app is easy to use for most parts.

Final Thoughts

SD Maid Pro app for Android is great for cleaning up your Android phone’s storage. There are not many apps in Google Play Store that is as feature rich as SD Maid Pro. Its Corpse Finder, Biggest Files and App Cleaner are some of the most useful features. The app also got a free version. Verdict: A handy app that’ll help you free your phone’s storage from bloatware and residual files from previous installs. Try it out.

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