PictureShow App for iPhone Review

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PictureShow app for iPhone is a good toy and retro camera photo app by graf for iPhone. It emulates different toy camera styles, while letting you mix and edit effects like frames, light leaks and noise in your frames. You can get PictureShow iPhone app for a nominal $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

PictureShow App Features

PictureShow app for iPhone got obvious similarities with other photo edit apps in iTunes. However, it also got a variety of features that makes it stand out from the rest. It got some nice choices of filters whereas mixing the effects to produce unexpected outcomes is its endearing feature. You can scroll through the effects and examine the different results. If you make a mistake, you can easily reset and start all over. But it is rather annoying to see the app name appearing at the border of the pictures.

In terms of notable features, you might love the Tilt Shift effect that let you control the depth and intensity of the blur. Simply touch and drag to move the focal point. It works better in the Oval mode. The Rectangle mode is not very well implemented though. You can use the randomizer button to introduce an additional touch if you run out of ideas. Further, iPhone PictureShow app got a lens kit comprising of Quad, Vertical Quad, Multi-Exposure and HalfShot Lens in addition to a standard single shot lens.

PictureShow App for iPhone

Other notable features of PictureShow app for iPhone include vignetting intensity control, crop and flip, message on photos, easy and real time editing, color edit, and in-app sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Mail, and Blogger. The app got an easy to use user interface.
PictureShow is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

PictureShow app for iPhone has got everything you look for in a photo edit app: it has got lots of effects, frames and presets, edit options, plus advanced camera functions such as Tilt Shift and HDR adjustments, everything laid out on an easy to use interface for easy access and navigation. SNS integration comes handy. The appearance of app name on picture border is a bit annoying, especially since PictureShow is a paid app. Verdict: Worth considering if you’re in the lookout for a decent toy and retro camera photo app for your iPhone.

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