Lightning Launcher Android App Review

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One of the immense features of Android is the capability to modify launchers, and within that grouping the propensity to go completely off the rails with customization. Lightning Launcher app for Android is one of those options. It’s going to take a little work, but the unbelievable set of controls and changes you can make with this launcher may be worth it if you are inspired. Lightning Launcher is available for download on Google Play for $0.55.


Apparently, Lightning Launcher Android app looks analogous to other launchers. The app drawer is vertically scrolling but sticks one page at a time, and is transparent. Things quickly get out of hand, as you might say, once you desire to move apps around though, and that is when the fun starts in on. You can, on the whole, modify every single task of Lightning Launcher, for instance, app placement, folders, widgets and home screens down to icon packs, fonts, alignments, to name a few. Opening out with a central home screen, you can bring apps into the launcher with a long press and a tap. And get used to it. There are plentiful amounts of long presses needed to alter things around in this launcher. Additional long pressing when on the launcher gives numerous options for maneuvering the apps. You can lug them around, resize their position, put them in folders and even “pin” them. Think of pinning an item as putting it lastingly in place regardless of how you move the launcher home screens around somewhat the way the stock Android launcher handles the 5 icons in the dock. You can pin apps and widgets anyplace on the screen, which can be helpful but also get things very muddled and frustrating quickly.

Lightning Launcher Android App Review

Dive into the settings from the key at the top right of the Lightning Launcher app drawer and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of options. Fortunately, the defaults are pretty user-friendly, but if you choose you can configure gestures, two-finger swiping, layout of apps, grid sizes, how folders are put on show and several more. The most enthusiastic among us can even implement icon packs and new fonts, which is a big plus for anyone looking for a unique look. The one hugely significant part of the settings is that when you’re making transforms, you can swipe left to get a full-sized preview of what the changes will be.


Lightning Launcher app for Android makes available something that few launchers do, and that’s the capability to totally transform what your phone looks and acts like as long as you can think it up. The wild number of settings and alternatives could and, likely should, worry away the casual users.

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