PicShop HD – Photo Editor iPhone App Review

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PicShop HD – Photo Editor for iPhone is an image editing app that you can enhance your photos with. It comes with a full editing suite complete with filters, tools, frames and overlays for images. It also supports HD images up to 8 megapixels. You can download PicShop HD – Photo Editor for $3.49 from iTunes App Store.


PicShop HD – Photo Editor for iPhone provides lots of options to enhance your photos. Under Edits, you can find options to fix pictures such as Autofix, Crop, Straighten, Sharpness, Color (to vary hue and saturation), Focal Point (this is for blurring), Rotate, and Red Eye. Most of these are however basic features that you can find in any photo editing app. The app also allows you to vary the depth of the field and supports tilt shift. PicShop HD – Photo Editor app for iPhone features lots of filter options, including Sepia, Vintage, Lomo, B & W, Negative, Textures and Emboss. Perhaps a filter for adding grain to pictures and a good retro effect one in addition would have been great. The Frames tab has lots of frames to choose from. Some of them however lack settings to adjust their colors and width, which in a sense limits their flexibility. Options for adding painting and sketch effects to images certainly come handy. Also, there are fun stickers that you can apply on the photos.

PicShop HD Photo Editor iPhone App Review

Additional options can be found under Extras. If to cite couple of features, under Extras, you can find options for adding text and speech bubbles to photos. The image layer allows you to merge photos together. After editing, you can share your images via Facebook or Twitter. PicShop HD – Photo Editor for iPhone is pretty user friendly. For lots of editing options, it is just about selecting an option and dragging a bar left and right to enhance or reduce the effect. However, it is advisable to check the user guide for PicShop HD – Photo Editor from the website.


PicShop HD – Photo Editor for iPhone comes with lots of options to edit your images. It also supports editing for HD images, as the title indicates. The UI Layer for PicShop is fully GPU accelerated, which translates into extremely low battery consumption in your iPhone. The app is also reasonably stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a full-fledged image editing app for a reasonable price tag.

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