LightX Photo Editing App for iPhone Review

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LightX is a feature rich photo editing app for iPhone. The app provides a fun and easy way to remove background, create perfect selfies, add color splash effects, blend for double & multiple exposure effects and apply selective editing effects and blur effects. You can download LightX – Make Cut Out, Blend Photos and Face Photo Editor for $0.15 from iTunes.


LightX app for iPhone removes the need to have multiple apps to edit your photo. The app comes with an advanced Photo Editor with most comprehensive advanced photo editing tools in a very clean and easy to use interface. For example, it has all advanced editing tools such as Color mixing, Curves, Levels with options to adjust Saturation, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and numerous other adjustments along with array of filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, Paper texture etc. LightX for iPhone has a background remover tool that let you remove backgrounds from images and get you a perfect cut out. If you want to cut the image of a particular object and place it in another image, this is the one that is going to help you do it. Selective Editing allows you to give different effects to different regions in your image. The powerful brush tool helps you to selectively edit the images.

LightX Photo Editing App for iPhone Review

LightX for iPhone also comes with specialized tools to adjust curve tone, color balance and adjust image histogram to get desired effects in different color channels. Shape Manipulation is another standout feature wherein you can refine shape of your image using symmetric and point selection. The app also let you create your own stickers and cartoonize them or superimpose stickers on different background images to wow your friends. You can also blend multiple images to create surreal effects. The UI of LightX is beautifully designed. It is easy to access its various options, tools and menus. The app is also reasonably stable and responsive. LightX requires iOS versions 7.1 or later.


LightX app for iPhone is a full-fledged image editing tool with easy to use controls and friendly UI. It has all the typical image editing features, plus advanced ones such as shape manipulation, curve tone adjusting and color balance. The app also has a rich collection of custom designed filters. The finished images can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and other social networks. Multiple language support comes to the rescue of non-English speakers. The app is also stable. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a reliable and feature rich photo editing software for your iPhone.

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