iWatermark Watermark 1 or Batch of Photos iPhone App Review

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Sometimes, we might desire to add a personal touch to our photographs, so that people seeing it would know who has taken the shot. In case of professional photography, this personal touch becomes a necessity so to prevent people from misusing the images and thereby making photograph truly ours. Watermarking is widely recognized as the best way to add identification to such photographs. It allows people to know who has taken the photograph, without reducing the appeal of the photograph itself. Earlier adding watermarks to images was a tough thing as it involved a complicated process. As a result, only professional photographers were able to add watermarks to their images. With iWatermark app for iPhone, you can easily add with Text, Logo, & Graphics Overlays watermarks to the photos. So, let us take a look at the features of this useful little app.


iWatermark app makes watermarking a whole lot easier for iPhone users. It has a simple and intuitive user interface which allows anyone and everyone to add watermark to their images. You can easily add text, signature, graphic or even QR Code as watermark for your images. You can also easily adjust the features of the watermark by adjusting its opacity, size, color, font, angle, position and scale. It supports 162 fonts for creating your watermark and also comes with 34 built in watermarks which you can use. Create your own watermark or even import your watermark from outside sources. The app allows adding watermarks to all images at one go (also called batch processing) or go for sequential processing, where the watermarks are added to the images one after another.

iWatermark Watermark 1 or Batch of Photos iPhone App Review

iWatemark app for iPhone comes which a simple touch interface which allows you to position the watermark or zoom the watermark by using simple touch gestures. It comes with a complete and simple manual which makes it easy to understand, even for the person who has never added a watermark to his/her photos. Users can save or share the watermarked images via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or similar platforms.


iWatemark for iPhone is a great app for adding watermarks to images without any hassles. This makes it perfect for personal as well as for professional use. The number of options it gives you allows you to get creative without overwhelming you. The user manual is effective in helping people understand what the app and how should you use it. This really makes it user friendly. The app is supported on iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Windows. So if you want to add watermarks to your images in a quick and easy way without compromising the quality of the image, then iWatermark app for iPhone is definitely for you!

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