Magmic NFL Gridiron App for the BlackBerry

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Magmic NFL Gridiron App for the BlackBerry




Magmic is a gaming company that is known well by sports fans around the world. In fact, if you were to take a look at some of the great sports games that have been released in recent memory, what you will find is that Magmic games are definitely in the conversation when people start talking about their favorite games. The mobile era of gaming is definitely here however and like other gaming companies Magmic has had to start releasing games for mobile platforms. The BlackBerry is definitely one of those platforms and because of that Magmic NFL Gridiron app for the BlackBerry has taken that niche by storm.


User Interaction


Despite the markedly different controls for the BlackBerry, Magmic NFL Gridiron application for the BlackBerry still seems to work quite well from the user’s point of view. The controls are slightly more complicated since there are no joysticks around, but at the same time you can configure them to be very simple. Magmic seems to have learned quite quickly that the substitute for a controller is simplicity and that is why you can easily play the Magmic game on your BlackBerry with just a pointer and a few buttons. It is actually a pretty sweet deal considering how complicated some of the other sports games for the BlackBerry can get.


User Interface


When considering the user interface of Magmic NFL Gridiron for the BlackBerry, what you need to picture in your mind is a football field. When you consider a semi-overhead view of a football field with both of the teams playing against each other, you will have some idea of what the graphical interface for this game looks like. In other words, the main thing that they were shooting for in creating this game was realism, something that is often left to the wayside when companies start developing games for mobile platforms like the BlackBerry.


Utility and Productivity


A BlackBerry game is not really a useful game unless you can actually get some mileage out of being able to play it. In other words, unless you can complete a game on the commute to work and one on the way back, there is really no point in having the game to begin with. After all, why would someone game at home on the BlackBerry when they have their television consoles and their computer screens?  Magmic understands this quite well and that is why this game has been created in such a way that it fits the time of your commute perfectly. Play this on the way to work on the bus or train or even sit down at lunch to hammer out a game. The choice is completely yours when you pick up NFL Gridiron for the BlackBerry.




In the end, the way in which Magmic NFL Gridiron was tailored for the BlackBerry when starting from a non-mobile console was very impressive. Because of that and because of the fact that you can quickly get through the game, we will rate this BlackBerry app at 9.0 out of 10.

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