Maps 3D Pro – Outdoor GP‪S‬ iPhone App Review

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Maps 3D Pro – Outdoor GP‪S‬ for iPhone provides a whole lot of GPS features while you bike, ski or hike. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, the app can guide you in all your outdoor adventures. Most mapping apps are designed for city roads as they display mountains and hills as a flat plane, Maps 3D is a step ahead. The app displays the outdoors in its original vibrancy with mountain, hills, valleys and roads displayed in full 3D with its exact elevation. The app was featured by Apple with a banner and the top app chosen in the navigation category by over 75 countries.

Perfect Guide That Help You Explore The Unknown Terrain

Maps 3D Pro – Outdoor GP‪S‬ iPhone app is simple and intuitive app that is powerful and feature rich. It is a highly recommended app for cyclists, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The app gives you options to plan, share and record your routes. It converts your phone into a complete GPS device. You can log elevations and key coordinates. You will have offline access to 3D map data for any part of the world. The trip planner will help you plan ahead so you know the challenges you need to be ready. You can import the GPS tracks through email, Dropbox, URL, iTunes and record tracks that can be shared in social media. You can load the map in advance before the trip. You can evaluate the routes directly in 3D map view.

Maps 3D Pro Outdoor GP‪S‬ iPhone App Review

GPS for Bike, Hike & Ski

Maps 3D Pro – Outdoor GP‪S‬ for iPhone is a powerful app with a lot of features. The app consistently works well and can be your savior in most of your expeditions. It is great for planning and tracking your trips. You can view location and also track without Internet connection. The app is available in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, and English. The app costs $3.99 to download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app for offline routing and maps plus packages. The app requires iOS 11.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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