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Now Mathematics will not remain challenging to many students across the globe. Math Bingo app for iPhone is a smart educational application to learn mathematical activities for children of age group 6 to 8. Topics on various mathematical operations are covered and innovative techniques are crafted for flawless understanding. The app is very useful for young kids to learn math in a fun way. The UI is very beautifully designed and supports smooth functioning of application. Math Bingo app can be downloaded for $1.99 from Apple’s iTunes Website.


The basic objective of Math Bingo iPhone education app is to get a pattern of five BINGO bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. There are 5 BINGO games named as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed. The difficulty levels of each game are further classified into easy, medium and hard. Users can decide the difficulty level based on their proficiency in math. You can add up to 30 player profiles in Math Bingo. This feature gives you flexibility to play the app by many users. In each player profile, data like total number of games played, total number of high scores and Bingo bugs is stored. To add more fun, 12 cartoon avatars are also added in the app database. All these animated characters are very helpful to generates kid’s interest in solving math puzzles.

Math Bingo iPhone App

In Math Bingo for iPhone, objective of math problem is displayed at the top and the feedback is displayed at bottom. If you fail to answer any problem, correct solution will be displayed. The app also calculates scores based on time taken to solve puzzles. You will score high if you take less time to solve problems but for wrong answers, 2 sec penalty will also be levied. Math Bingo app display scorecard for each game and level. You can collect BINGO bugs when you scores high in any game or level. User can do customization in settings. The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the information button on home screen. You can reset all high scores and delete player profile using setting options to recheck your progress. New version (1.7) of the app has 3 added fun games to play. Math Bingo app is compatible with iOS version (4.3) or higher.


Math Bingo for iPhone is a great educational application especially for young school going kids. It will surely help them to improve their mathematical skills. Winning Bingo Bugs by scoring high will encourage kids to play and learn more. The ultimate result is to boost up confidence in the subject. Recommended to download for users who have young kids.

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