A Parcel of Courage iPhone App Review

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A Parcel of Courage for iPhone is an app aimed at children in the 3 – 7 age groups. This educational app combines two proven teaching methods – Montessori Method and Shichida method – that will benefit the kids immensely. You can get A Parcel of Courage app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


A Parcel of Courage app for iPhone is a well rounded package for kids. It is full of interaction and adventure, and right at the start, you can choose if you want to read the story yourself (I Read) or if you want it to be told to you (I Listen). In fact, we were rather surprised to see the nice narration of the stories when we chose the latter option. A Parcel of Courage for iPhone tells the story of three kids trying to get their grandma to visit them. But the grandma is afraid of flying, and hence something should be done to get her to the kids. There are 7 tasks to complete within the story to unlock something that will help you make your wishes come true. This include learning how to address and send a post to granny and visually scan to help grandpa clean up the backyard to spatially orient objects to pack a suitcase, using auditory discrimination skills to help the postman and sequence baking courage chocolate cookies. The images are crisp and colorful, and you might feel it all like a scrapbook that is moving around and breathing.

A Parcel of Courage iPhone App

The fact that the game is based on Montessori and Shichida methods of teaching itself is proof that the game has its roots in solid educational techniques. It basically teaches the kids numbers and addition within 10, sequencing skills, spatial reasoning skills, and develop visual memory skills. Every game’s level rewards kids with mysterious outfits which transform into a magical airship.


A Parcel of Courage app for iPhone is a highly interactive graphic book application for preschoolers, filled with robust learning activities and unique educational games based on Montessori and Shichida methods. Many interactive activities within the heartwarming story are paired to reinforce the storyline, so that kids can better comprehend the content and improve their spatial orientation, listening skills, and visual-motor skills. Most importantly, the game let your kids learn with fun. The app also comes in a lite version as well so that you can check its contents before you purchase.

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