Tomb Raider I Android Game App Review

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Tomb Raider I, one of the most famous video games of all time, can now be played with all its glory on your Android smart phone. You can now relish the amazing action adventure of Lara Croft right on your palms. The game costs $0.99 in the Google Play Store and requires Android 4.0 or later for a smooth, uninterrupted game-play. Like its video game versions, the Android adaptation also has got some great user reviews and ratings, thanks to its fine performance.


Tomb Raider I game app for Android starts with a mission assigned to the great Lara Croft to find and discover a mysterious artifact buried in the unfound tomb of Qualopec. From then on it’s a thrilling ride that transcends across Mexico, Greece, Egypt and finally the Lost City of Atlantis. Gear up to get Lara Croft through unexplored locations, unseen enemies and a lot more other thrilling adventures. What’s striking about the application is that the makers have almost succeeded in retaining and recreating the effect of what the game used to be in its video game version. The graphics in spite of a few minor glitches are very much appealing and detailed. The eye catching 3D effects and the exciting background adds to the thrilling effect and the overall quality of the game.

Tomb Raider I Android Game App

The controls of Tomb Raider I game though very much simple doesn’t really seem like utilizing the capabilities of a smart phone. There are buttons located on either sides of the screen on which you can touch and work on the movement and other actions. Every action whether toggling between walk and run, using guns and other arms, swinging, jumping, climbing etc are just a few touches away on the right switches which are spread evenly on the display. The arrangement of the buttons and switches can be altered according to your convenience by just making use of the drag and drop feature. You can also use the D-pad for easier movements. There is an auto-save option in the game which becomes very much useful in case you suddenly need to exit or close in the middle of a mission. You can also make use of the two additional saving slots. Just like your original PC game, you need not worry about your progress getting wasted.


Tomb Raider I app for Android is almost the maximum the developers can remake from its original PC version. All the amazing highlights of the game including incredible graphics, smooth game-play and thrilling music are available at a mere cost of just $0.99. Tomb Raider game is worth a try for all action or adventure game lovers.

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