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Arithmetic skills are something that a person needs at every stage of his/her life. Therefore, learning these skills as child is crucial for a successful life ahead. However, it is often seen that children get scared when they hear about mathematics. This is a cause of worry for parents all over the world. There is a simple solution for that. All you need is an Android phone and Math Blobs addition/subtract app. Mathblobs app makes learning maths fun for your kid. The app costs $1.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Sharpen Your Math Skills

Math Blobs app for Android might look like just a game, but it is quite effective for learning maths. The game has attractive graphics to interest young kids. Your child needs to give an entry test which would help the app to determine the level of the mathematical skill that your child possesses. The app would select math sums based on that level. If you get stuck at a sum, the app helps you out with that. You get regular tests which come with an in-depth feedback so that you can improve your skills. When you practise, you get ‘blobs’ that have their own special features. In the bonus game, you can use those blobs and make the game even more.

Notable Features

Different levels, which makes it suitable for children with varied math skills.
Attractive graphics.
Easy to play.
Regular tests to measure the progress with clear feedback about the progress.
Bonus game.


Math Blobs for Android is a fun learning app that is perfect for teaching math skills. So, install the app and see your child’s math grade improve in no time!

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