World Pro Countries Capitals Flags Android App Review

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Our world has hundreds of countries but how much do we know about them? We might know about our own country or maybe a few others as well. Now, when you are talking about the identity of a country, there are a few things we must know about. For example, what is the capital city of the country? What does its flag looks like? How its geography looks like? If you want to know more about these facts, then you must install World Pro – Countries Capitals Flags app for Android on your smart phone. If you are a student looking to get some good grades in your class quiz or you are just inquisitive about the different countries of the world, then this is one app that you must get.

Getting to Know the World with World Pro app

World Pro – World Countries Capitals Flags Map Puzzles Quiz for Android is designed for people to know more about the different countries of the world in the easiest and the most effective way. It is suitable for people of all ages, but it is more effective for students. You would get a scrollable physical map. You can just tap on the country and you would all the details about the country. The app allows you to play different games which acts as test to hone your skills. In one game, you have to name the capital of a specific country. In other games, you have to name the country from its map and indentify the flag of the country. The app costs $2.99 to download from Google Play.

What You Will Like About the App?

Designed for all ages.
Switch to “Flags” to study flag of each country.
Various information like the physical features of the country, the main crops, endangered species, languages spoken, GDP and more.
Interactive Quiz


World Pro Android app is a great learning application for people of all ages. Install the app today and get know more about the world, one country at a time.

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