ProCam 4 Manual Camera iPhone App Review

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Almost all of the iOS mobile devices can boast of an amazing camera within it, which can give tough competition to even some professional cams available in the market. Though the inbuilt camera hardwares are made of superior quality, the controls and functions are often limited, thus bringing up the need of an app like ProCam 4 – Manual Camera + RAW. The app is extremely feature-rich and is capable of giving you complete control over the picture settings, thereby letting you to fine-tune your images just like a skilled photographer. At 44 MB size and around a cost of $2.99, ProCam 4 for iPhone opens up a tool for some very professional photoshoots.


ProCam 4 – Manual Camera + RAW app for iPhone provides a combination of automated and manual settings to let you adjust even the deep details of your captures. The controls are presented in a more user-friendly manner such that anyone can master the proceedings without much difficulty. A set of very familiar camera options like the night mode, burst mode, slow shutter speed, time lapse etc are visible right on the capture screen itself, thereby making it easily accessible especially for beginners. These are placed as icons on a movable grid at the bottom of the screen. The other slider grids which are placed above this one lets you open up the world for professional capturing of your images with extreme fine tuning.

Exposure adjustments, aperture controls, light balancing, focus points etc can be controlled manually within the app, just like you do in a DSLR cam. For the kind of tools and options it offers, you need to be a master of the art or it may take quite some time before you familiarize with the proceedings. That said and done, the makers have tried their best in making the details understandable even for beginners. The captured images can be stored in any desired format, even in RAW or TIFF types. Another major highlight is that these adjustments are not limited to photo captures alone, the video mode is also equipped with professional tools to transform and capture them the way you like. Even under a relatively small size, the application is designed with a large number of details in the form of menus, tools and options, where all of them are presented in the most attractive way possible.


ProCam 4 – Manual Camera + RAW app for iPhone is a perfect tool to hone your photographic skills and create some stunning artworks right through your camera lenses. An amazing camera application like this one coupled with the amazing camera of your iPhone is sure to create wonders, on your mobile screens.

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