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Now with smartphones having better cameras, we all tend to click lots of pictures using our phones. Ever wanted to relieve those memories quickly or in an easy to do manner? Well, Memories, Relive your moments! app for Android might be just the perfect tool you’re looking for. It has no flashy graphics or difficult to use controls. But it provides a straightforward way to make a video clip using the pictures selected by you. Memories Android app can be downloaded for $1.35 from Google Play Store.


Memories app for Android focuses on a single thing: to let you make videos of selected pictures so that you could re-live your memories in a video format rather than the boring slide shows. From a user perspective, all you got is a button to start the app and now you only need to point the camera in the direction where you want it to click photos and the app will do the rest. Once done, the app will ask you to select the pictures you wish to have in the video and accordingly, the app will create one for you. You can share the video via WiFi/Bluetooth or through SNS.

Memories App for Android

Memories app for Android provide some basic customization options such as some basic parameters of your video or even the pictures taken by the app. For example, you can vary the capture interval or set what to do couple of seconds before capturing the moment. You can set the app to discard dark images by itself. Also, there is an option to reduce the resolution of the images in case your phone is running short of memory. It is also possible to mute the shutter sound. The design and graphics part is a bit disappointing. Seems the developer had concentrated on its functionality rather than the looks. The app was pretty stable throughout while we’d tested it.


Memories app for Android provides a great way to relive your memories. It has no funky graphics or difficult to use controls apart from basic customization options. Instead, it focuses on letting you create video of pictures with minimal effort. SNS/sharing options come handy to share your creations with your friends. Its design can be best termed average. But the app scores above par for its core functionalities. Overall, a worthy substitute to slide-show creator apps. Check it out if you’re interested.

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