Baseball Kings App for Android Review

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With the World Series over now and a long off-season ahead, you might be missing some serious baseball action of late. If want a quick fix, check this app: Baseball Kings for Android. It is a compelling baseball arcade game wherein you get to manage entire teams as well as individual player career successes. You can get Baseball Kings Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Baseball Kings app for Android is a 3D pitching game wherein players flick a ball toward home plate as a virtual pitch. The velocity of ball depends on the quickness of the flick. You can modify the ball’s trajectory by adding twists and additional power ups etc. But what is impressive about Baseball Kings app for Android is the realistic game play. The opposition players behave much like they do in a real game. Collision of the plate gets a rousing boo, and a bunt is more than probable on a short, slow throw. Baseball fans will certain enjoy the intuitiveness of the game. You can also indulge in some SIMs style action. For example, you can upgrade your team, improve your equipment and train your players.

Baseball Kings App for Android

The game play of Baseball Kings app is engrossing for most parts. The physics engine that works behind scene seems pretty accurate. It can be assured that the game never throws a strange pitch at you. Even though it has a cartoony feel to it, the 3D graphics is nevertheless impressive. In terms of performance, Baseball Kings app for Android is stable and responsive. We never encountered any lag or freeze while playing the game. But given its rich graphics, the game is suited for phones with decent hardware specs.


Baseball Kings app for Android is perfect for baseball fans. The game is lots of fun, addictive, and more than a bargain for its given price tag. Lots of ways, it is closer to a console sports title than a mobile game. The game play is realistic. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. Graphics is topnotch without a doubt. The app is also pretty stable. As a whole, you won’t be disappointed with what Baseball Kings app offers, if you’re a true baseball fan. Check it out if you’re looking for a highly entertaining arcade game.

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