Mextures Photo Editor iPhone App Review

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Mextures Photo Editor pp is an iPad and iPhone photo editing app that allows you to add film grain, textures, light leaks, and gradients to your photos with only a few clicks. This app isn’t like conventional photo editors, which need you to apply a filter or a frame before saving the image; instead, it necessitates a lot of trial and error, mixing and matching textures to get the desired appearance. Analog light leaks, dusty film scans, subtle grunge, artefacts, element textures, and finely adjusted gradients may all be found here. When you’re done, Mextures gives you a few alternatives for what you should do next. You can save your work to your picture library, access it in other iPhone photo-editing applications, or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Unlimited Layers

Every additional layer provides a dynamic range of options thanks to the 12 various blending modes. Mextures features a one-of-a-kind collection of over 80 high-resolution textures created by photographers for photographers. The Mexture textures are great if you want to give you a sensation of true, old-school photography. They’re made using real 35mm film scans taken with various cameras, as well as numerous other natural, authentic materials. These layers feature opacity, positioning, concealing, and rotating options, and when altered, they can be viewed in real time so you can see what you’re doing with your photo without having to apply the effect and then undo it.

Mextures Photo Editor iPhone App Review

Over 150 Overlays

Professional-grade tools like as Exposure, Contrast, Tint, White Balance, Fade, Black and White, Highlights/Shadows, Sharpness, and Saturation may be used to tweak your photographs. There are 30 film presets in all, all of them are based on common film stocks. The app’s Textures section offers more opaque filters than you’d get in a conventional picture editing tool, enabling users to experiment with where specific colours go, whether a gradient starts from the upper right or left corner, and so on. The Formulas section of the app allows you to apply various filters and tints to photographs that have previously been created by Mextures or other Mextures users. It’s simple to play with overlays, create your own formulae, and find new things with so many textures to select from and a well-designed UI. The app is priced $1.99 to download from iTunes App Srore.

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