Papa’s Sushiria To Go iPhone Game App Review

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In Papa’s Sushiria to Go! for iPhone, you will have the opportunity to operate your own restaurant. It’s really satisfying to cut and serve wonderful Sushi to your customers. Playing this game will undoubtedly teach you how to make delicious Sushi. Using the all-in-one “Sushi Square” cooker, cook, season, then distribute the rice onto nori and soy paper. Fill the sushi with ingredients and wrap it up before adding toppings and sprinkling sauces on top. Before presenting the sushi to hungry clients, slice it up into bite-sized pieces and make a wonderful Bubble Tea to go with it. Sakura Bay celebrates many holidays throughout the year, and as you go, you’ll discover new seasonal ingredients for making delectable festive sushi and tea.

Serve tasty Sushi!2

Of course, as a skilled sushi chef, you’ll need to develop your own unique dishes. These meals can be served as a daily special at your restaurant. Each unique recipe has the potential to help you earn bonuses. As a result, it is critical that you devote some time to mastering each unique recipe in order to receive the additional prize. You must also be patient, as developing your own unique formula may take some time. As the game proceeds, it will become hard for you to operate the entire restaurant on your own, necessitating the hiring of additional workers. You have the option of customizing your employees. You may even make your own character to work in the Sushi restaurant for you. You’re well aware that owning a Sushi business needs patience and knowledge. You’ll also face a lot of competition. As a result, you must ensure that the formula you are holding is unique. If you put time and effort into this dish, your restaurant will gain a solid reputation for its distinctive and excellent cuisine.

Papas Sushiria To Go iPhone Game App Review

Be a professional chef!

Furthermore, you may try to provide your clients presents to convey your core spirit or wonderful thoughts about how to manage a Sushi business successfully. Choosing the right colour combinations for each item that may feature in your restaurant is also a lot of fun. To project a positive image for your restaurant, you must take advantage of every chance. You may purchase furnishings and décor that match your restaurant’s theme. There are a total of 12 different holidays to discover. Every time you unlock a new holiday, you’ll be more eager to go on because each one offers you the possibility to earn additional ingredients. There is a total of 128 people to serve. And they’ll all order various kinds of Sushi with different tastes. So, there’s no chance you’ll grow tired playing this game. The game is priced $1.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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