Mia and Me Game App for Android Review

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If you have grown up reading fairytales and have always dreamt of adventures in fairy land, then here is an opportunity for you to be a princess and save your land from the attack of evil monsters! Mia and Me for Android is a spectacular game with amazing visuals. Here, players need to help Mia, the elf princess, save her beautiful land of Centopia from the evil queen Panthea. So, with a mission of protecting the beloved elves and unicorns of Centopia from the wrath of the evil Queen, you will have to collect points and cross barriers to final victory. Let’s check out how.


The ravages that has been caused on the country has to be healed and that has to be done by collecting unicorn dust. As you cross barriers and win levels, you will be in a position to buy great boosts so that you can save the land of Centopia. So, how can buy boosts? Once unicorn dust has been collected, you can simply go to the boost stores and buy boosts. The mysterious Trumpus instrument is an important weapon in the game. You will have to assemble the instrument and use it to put up a final battle against the wicked queen.

Mia and Me Android Game App Review

Once you have played quite a lot, you can also explore the beautiful land of Centopia. Everything from the field flowers to the Great Jungle has been configured beautifully. Use your waterglare to shoot at the army of dragons and muncs you encounter! Once you have managed to assemble the powerful Trumpus instrument, you can use it to save Centopia by fighting the evil queen. So, if you are a big fan of Mia and Me on TV, then you would also probably love the iPad version. The game is suited for girls aged between 5-8 years.


If your child cannot have enough of fairytale adventures then Mia and Me Android app would be a game you would like to give her. The game is not free and has to be purchased for $2.99, but it sure promises of a super fun experience for your kids. So, if you have Android 4 and above, this game will run like a dream there!

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