Microcosm App for Android Review

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Microcosm app for Android is a platform game that combines a fun concept, good graphics, and a reasonable price tag. As you might have guessed, the app is not available for free. But given what it brings to the table, it is worth the price spent. In the game, you send one of the four characters around at any given time, and use their special powers to navigate the levels and obtain rewards. You can get Microcosm app for $1.99.


In Microcosm app for Android, four friends travel across the micro universe collecting energy crystals that are vital for their home planet. Each of them belongs to some element and has a unique look, character and abilities. The characters also get to collect gold coins. Your score depends upon how many of the crystals/coins your character had managed to collect. The method of locomotion is sort of slingshot. By pulling back and firing away, you can have your protagonist hurled in any direction or jumping to overcome an obstacle. In fact, the types of movements vary with character. But the basics remain the same. At present, the game has lots of levels to keep you engaged. Hopefully, more levels will be added to the game in future updates.

Microcosm App for Android

The graphics and animation of Microcosm for Android is simply gorgeous. The downside is that you’ll need a powerful device to run the app. Otherwise, there could be some stuttering or lag. The character variety is impressive to say the least. Little bit of refinements to the slingshot-to-live method will make the game better. The music/sound effects augur well with the action unfolding on your phone screen. In terms of performance, the app is stable and responsive for most parts.

Final Thoughts

Microcosm app for Android is a unique puzzler that is fun to play. Its detailed graphics and animation stands out. The puzzles are interesting and engaging throughout. The sound effects add to the feel of the game. The app is stable and responsive. It works best on phones with good hardware. The app is compatible with Android OS 4.0 or higher. Check it out if you’re a fan of platformer type of games. Those who don’t want to pay upfront may try out its free of cost ‘lite’ version.

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