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WritePad app basically let you handwrite your ideas on your Android phone screen and have it automatically transformed into text. The app is smart enough to learn user’s writing style and learn and improve over time. You can get WritePad app for a price tag of $4.00 from Google Play Store.


WritePad app for Android uses its shape recognition technology that analyzes pen strokes written in the designated WritePad area, before converting them into text and sends the recognized text to the target application. While testing out the app, we found the app to be pretty accurate in decoding the scribbling on the screen. It supports practically any handwriting style, including cursive (script), print, and mixed. In fact, you can view a slate of common characters in the settings menu and you can specify the types you are not likely to draw. This helps in refining the accuracy of the app. As mentioned, the app is artificial intelligent that it learns your writing pattern and improves its accuracy over time. Further, a letter shape selector allows users to further improve recognition quality by disabling unused letter shapes.

WritePad App for Android

However, no handwriting recognition software can be 100% accurate (even humans cannot). So it puts a correction bar above the writing area that suggests what it thinks you might have written, in case the app failed to get it right the first time. It is also possible to designate shorthand and common phrases to save you time on text/words that you enter frequently such as email IDs or phone nos. A built-in calculator let users write arithmetic expressions and the app will calculate the results. WritePad for Android is not for English users alone. At present, its multilingual handwriting recognition engine supports 11 languages, including Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Swedish, and Spanish along with English (UK and US).


The feature set of WritePad app for Android is impressive to say the least. It makes typing a lot easier. Being artificial intelligent, the app self learns user’s writing patterns and improves its accuracy over time. You can also designate shorthand and common phrases to save time. The calculator takes care of arithmetical expressions/calculations. Multi-language support caters for non-English speakers. If you are not a big fan of typing on the phone keyboard, you should definitely check this one out.

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