Tokyo Mysteries App for Android Review

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If you are a fan of hidden object type of games, you’ll also like Tokyo Mysteries app f or Android. It is a challenging puzzler that calls for a keen eye and a strong sense of curiosity. You can get Tokyo Mysteries for $1.21 from Google Play Store.


In these types of games, you got to be very observant and closely look at everything on the screen because you never know what type of useful thing might be hiding behind an object. Tokyo Mysteries app for Android has wonderful graphics and an accompanying audio playing in the background. If you think the audio might be a distraction, you can easily turn it off from the settings menu or by muting your phone. The idea behind Tokyo Mysteries for Android is to explore the given territory and look for objects that might be of use in your journey. In the game, you are a detective who is in the trail of a jewel thief and a detective who went missing while working on the case. During investigations, you’ll encounter puzzles and will face situations wherein you got to find solutions in order to advance.

Tokyo Mysteries App for Android

You can use the journal to note down your findings while investigating the case. But unfortunately there isn’t any tutorial to help you out should you stuck somewhere. It could get a lot frustrating for that one thing that you might need to move forward. Of course, a puzzler of this sort has to be challenging to make it interesting. But you also don’t want players to give it up owing getting stuck midway. Tokyo Mysteries app has failed to find a right balance there. The game is stable and responsive with no lags or freezes whatsoever.


Tokyo Mysteries app for Android is a challenging puzzle game wherein you’re a detective who is in the lookout for a jewel thief and a detective who went missing while working on the case. On the way, you’ll face situations/puzzles that you got to solve if to move forward. The graphics is impressive even though the background music could be a bit annoying for few. One downside with the game is that it could get frustrating at times, such as when you fail to find the one thing that you need to move forward. You don’t have any tutorial to refer to in such situations. The app is stable and responsive for most parts. Overall, a challenging hidden object type game worth checking out.

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