WorldScan Pro App for Android Review

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WorldScan Pro app for Android provides for intelligent document management. More specifically, using the app, you can scan your critical documents into PDF format and save it in Dropbox or share it via email. You can get WorldScan Pro app for $3.49 from Google Play Store. It also comes in a free version.


The idea behind WorldScan Pro app for Android is nothing new. To use the app, simply point your camera to all kinds of paper documents and the app will do the rest. The app detects and adjusts the document orientation. That is, it detects its edges and crops it all down appropriately. From there, it auto enhances the color, contrast etc, making the docs much easier to read. Once done, the page is saved to the image library. Alternatively, the scanned documents can be uploaded to cloud storage or shared via email. The app also supports fast batch scanning without waiting for processing. WorldScan Pro for Android let you manage your PDF efficiently. You can allocate documents in groups, sort documents by Date, tag documents etc. Set passwords for confidential documents to avoid information leaks.

WorldScan Pro App for Android

WorldScan Pro for Android let you crate multi-size PDFs to suit your requirements. You have more than 10 PDF sizes to choose from (Letter, A4, B5, etc).You can either customize the size or use self-adaption mode in case you’re not sure about the size you might need. You can opt to add headers so that PDF documents can be searched later. Further, the app supports multiple browse modes such as list and document-categorization. The UI is well designed and easy to use. The app is also pretty stable and responsive.


WorldScan Pro app for Android can be used to scan a variety of documents such as notes, invoices, business cards etc so long as it got corners. It should be noted that a flat background color may help achieve the best detection results of document edge. You can categorize documents in groups or tag them so that they could be sorted easily. There is also an option to set passwords to secure the scanned documents. Further, users can choose one of the ten PDF sizes available to suit their needs. Fast batch scanning comes handy if you have many docs to scan at once. To sum it up, a functional and easy to use document management app worth considering. Check it out if you’re looking for one.

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