Straylings App for Android Review

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Straylings app for Android provides a creative and attractive way to learn grammar. It has been developed to test the players’ mastery of skills, and to identify gaps in the players’ knowledge or abilities. The app is designed to play alone, or with a teacher’s assistance in case of kids. You can get it for $0.91 from Google Play Store.


Straylings app for Android combines engaging game play with little bit of pulse raising action as well as solid grammatical construct in an innovative manner. Here is the basic idea behind the game: you choose a protagonist and then performs a rapid fire fill in the blanks to beat the opponent. If you manage to answer questions successfully, it does point damage on the opponent. The faster the task is accomplished, the more is the damage. The game play is pretty fast to keep you engrossed in the action. The app covers 3 distinct areas of grammar: determiners, agreements, and question forming. Each category has a series of levels, each with its own jousting match. It should be noted that the rules for Grammar Revision are based on the British Council’s Learn English website. It is not US English.

Straylings App for Android

Straylings app for Android has excellent graphics. The characters are lively while the menus are simple enough to navigate by a child. In terms of course content as well, Straylings looks impressive. The best part of Straylings app for Android is that the game play is suited for people of all ages. In other words, it is not for children alone. Those who attempts to pass English language test at various levels will find this app more than handy. In terms of performance, the app looks stable and responsive for most parts.

Final Thoughts

Straylings app for Android does not have many faults. It offers what it promises. But users would have loved to see more characters/animations and few more grammar packs. The UI is well designed for ease of use. Even a kid won’t have trouble sifting through the menus and finding what he/she wants. The quality of contents is good. For students and those who are learning English, Straylings app is a perfect package to set the basics right. The app is also stable and responsive. To sum it up, a highly recommendable app for people of all ages who’re learning English.

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