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If you’d played The Room, you would know what to expect from The Room Two app for Android. For starters, it is a gripping physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. Once you delve into the darker spaces of the game, it’ll be harder to put down your device. You can get The Room Two app for $2.99 from Google Play Store.


The Room Two app for Android picks up from where The Room had left off, stretching itself out into a wider universe comprising of multiple rooms, multiple boxes, and intricate multi-layered puzzles that trick and twist you in many ways. The first chapter of the game has a room with two boxes and you can move between them with swipes and pinches. Once you get used to the gestures, it’ll be easy to start looking for the clues. The presence of extra boxes and objects does dilute the charm of watching a single box reshaping itself into various guises. Also, moving around the world is not as seamless as its first version.

The Room Two Android Puzzle App
However, The Room Two for Android has a wider scope than its predecessor. For example, it keeps in store some surprises or shocking scenarios that makes even the hardest of gamer jump a little. The multiple settings, different eras, and the array of puzzle boxes, cabinets, and chunk of furniture provide the thrill and fear that keeps you engrossed for minutes on end. The game has an ingenious chapter set around a seance, and a lab-set finale, which has you aiming a laser around a lighthouse in search of beetles and charging batteries. The best part is that for every twist or shock, a new piece of narrative is revealed. The graphics is excellent. A haunting soundtrack and dynamic sound effects create a soundscape that reacts to your play. The game also comes with multi-language support.


Compared with its predecessor, The Room Two for Android is a bit easier, little kinder with its hints, and well, a bit short as well. But the world you explore has become much bigger, with lots of boxes, cabinets and rooms thrown in. The graphics is compelling so is the originality provided by the sound effects. Overall, an intricately woven art of fiction that is capable of shocking and shaking you throughout the game play. Check it out if you love horror puzzlers.

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