Owl – Icon Pack App for Android Review

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Stock Android icons and themes are functional; but there is still room for improvement. Owl – Icon Pack app provides a simple, effective and rather attractive way of improving your Android phone’s aesthetics with little effort. You can get the app for $1.83 from Google Play Store.


Owl – Icon Pack app for Android goes far beyond customized single wallpaper on the screen. Instead, using the app, you can change a lot of phone’s odds and ends. For example, the app comes with a boatload of icons that you can use to customize the icons of all of the popular apps installed in your phone. Owl – Icon Pack for Android comes with about 950+ Icons – with more to be added in future updates – and 20+ themed wallpapers. If you cannot tell by its title, Owl – Icon Pack app has a lot to do with owls. But it should be noted that the app also focuses on flat designs and modern looks. You got lots of images of fashionable owls in tress, posing as alarm clocks, or the one that is flying. The app also has a stack of excellent flat icons. While checking out the app, the long shadow flat icon is one that impressed us a lot.

Owl – Icon Pack App for Android

For the price you pay for the Owl – Icon Pack app for Android, certainly the app lives up to the expectations. It is pretty easy to customize icons. In terms of performance, the app is stable and responsive. We’d never encountered any crash or freezing while using the Owl – Icon Pack app. However, keep in mind that Owl – Icon Pack app for Android works only with a launcher. In other words, it is not a standalone application. The supported launchers include pex, ADW, Aviate, Nova, Holo, Action, GO, Next, Smart, and Solo. For it to work correctly with GO Launcher, you must turn off the mask icon.

Final Thoughts

In Owl – Icon Pack app for Android, you’ll find a host of excellent owl themed replacement graphics that will give a peppier look to your icons as well as the phone itself. With a suitable launcher, it is a straightforward installation. It also has a decent collection of flat icons. The app is stable and responsive. For the features it brings to the table, Owl – Icon Pack app is also reasonably priced. Check it out if you’re interested.

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