Mindfork Game for iPhone Review

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Mindfork for iPhone is a music based arcade game that tests your reflexes. If to draw comparisons, if you’d liked Pivvot, you’ll most likely feel at home with Mindfork as well. Mindfork app for iPhone can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


Mindfork for iPhone sports a clean design that is minimalistic as well. The flat aesthetic fits well with the modernized iOS appearance. The white and vibrant colors look gorgeous on screen. The animations are slick and smooth while the ambient soundtrack is upbeat and immersive. As you’ll find yourself playing the game to the rhythm of music, it is advisable to have your ear buds on. Mindfork, like other arcade games, is level based. So you got to survive the current stage to move to the next level. The objective in the game is pretty straightforward: avoid hitting the walls and stay alive. There are certain objectives that you can try to accomplish, as well as finding the hidden Easter eggs. But it is easier said than done.

Mindfork Game for iPhone Review

The controls in the game are intuitive. It uses a two-button control scheme that anyone can master in less time. You just got to touch the left side of the screen to turn the arrow left, and the right side to turn right respectively. As the arrow will be constantly moving forward, you have to make sure that it steers clear of the white walls. If you crash, give it another try. But going near the walls will refill your defenses until it is full. So make sure to keep your armor up. Mindfork for iPhone starts off slowly. But it soon picks up pace as the environment is constantly shifting and evolving to the music. Since you do not know how it will change, sometimes it’ll take you by surprise. But then that is where the fun lies. Overall, the game has decent replay value.


It would have been great had Mindfork came with more levels. The game is fun and challenging. You just can’t predict how the walls shift, and that makes the game interesting. The minimalistic graphics looks great, while the soundtrack is immersive and upbeat. The controls are intuitive as well. Overall, a perfect arcade game to have in your iPhone for the times you might want to lean back and relax.

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