Power Hover iPhone Game App Review

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Power Hover for iPhone is a challenging enough action game with robots and hover boards. You just jump on your gravity defying hover board and explore over 30 hand crafted levels full of surprises! If you’d liked Race the Sun, you’ll probably like Power Hover as well. The game is downloadable for $3.49.


Power Hover for iPhone might appear like an infinite runner. But it is not. Its basic plot involves a desolate world of robots and the mysterious force that cut off their power source. The game is level based with plenty of challenging levels that tests your hover-boarding skills. Players can earn up to three stars per level, depending on how many batteries they manage to collect. It also determines the points you earn, which is equivalent to the amount of power you managed to gather. These can be used to power up the downed village structures and enough of this will take you to difficult boss stages.

Power Hover iPhone Game App Review

The game controls are simple enough. Tap on the appropriate sides of your iPhone screen to move the character left/right. We found that even a slight touch is enough to move you out of harm’s way. It might take a while to get used to the controls. You got to have good reflexes though to swerve past the obstacles thrown at you by the antagonist as you give chase. The graphics is impressive. You’ll discover that it suits the game well as you play. The unique visual style makes the game feel more futuristic and immersive, especially as you go soaring through each stage with your hover board. The colors are bright and vivid. Animations are fairly slick and smooth. The electronic soundtrack is rather atmospheric and soothing to listen to. We found the game to be pretty stable as well.


Power Hover for iPhone is an enjoyable game. The levels are fairly challenging, and it tests your reflex skills. The graphics is beautiful, while the soundtrack is immersive. The controls, though intuitive, might take a while to get used to. It is also reasonably stable and responsive as well. We recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a futuristic action game that tests your skill levels.

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