Minimal Assistant Android App Review

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In the modern day world, everyone wants to express their individuality in whatever they do. Most of the times, they try to bring that uniqueness to their phone as well. To do that, we change the wallpaper or the font style of our smart phone. But is that really making our phone unique? If you think about it, give the large number of people, who use the same device as you, there is always a possibility that there are people who would have the same combination. Now, if you have an Android Phone and you want to make your phone truly unique, then you need to get the minimal assistant app.

Give a Whole New Look to Your Phone

Minimal Assistant Theme for Android is one of the best personalization apps on the Google Play Store. The only thing is that this is not a standalone app. To make this app work, you need download the Kustom Live Wallpaper PRO app. This is a paid app. You would also need to ensure that you have a compatible launcher. Once you have downloaded the KLWP app, just go to the top left and load ‘preset’. Then just find and tap on ‘Minimal Assistant’ and then tap on save and that’s it. Your phone would have a completely transformed appearance. Minimal Assistant app costs $0.99 to download from Play Store.

What You Will Like About the App?

Gives a completely unique feel to your phone.
Different wallpapers to choose from.
The app works seamlessly with most popular launchers, especially the Nova launcher.


Minimal Assistant Android app is specifically designed for people who want to give a truly unique feel to their smart phone. You would surely get attracted to the simple and minimalist design of the elements of the app. So, get the app today and make your phone truly unique.

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