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Noded for iPhone is for those who love minimalistic, yet engaging puzzle games. It comes with a simple goal: fold the geometric shape to solve the various challenges. The best part is that you don’t require an internet connection to play the puzzle. The app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes.

Geometric Shape Folding Puzzle Game

Noded for iPhone requires you to fold the geometric shape to solve the various challenges. To do so, you simply tap the connected nodes and the shape will fold along the line defined by the adjacent nodes. Your aim should be to complete the puzzles in fewest moves possible. But nothing is simple in the game. As the number of nodes increases and different types of nodes introduced, more brain teasers will be revealed. The game has no time restrictions. But your score depends upon how quickly you manage to solve the puzzles. The difficulty levels increase as you progress. From what you can solve in few number of movies takes tens of moves as the challenge level goes up. The color blind mode is a nice touch. The game is also designed to exploit haptic feedback in iPhone 7 or later. It also got a power saving mode that let you play the game while conserving iPhone battery charge.

Your progress in Noded game for iPhone is synchronized with iCloud across all your devices. It also supports Game Center leaderboard & achievements with a fair scoring system. You will rank higher for solving more puzzles with fewer moves. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. The game is available in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Noded game requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


Noded for iPhone is a geometric shape folding puzzle game that is engaging as well as entertaining. Your target is to solve the puzzles in less number of moves possible. The color blind mode is a revelation. As the app works offline as well, it comes handy when you’re on a field trip or vacation in a place with little or no cellphone coverage. Multiple language comes to the aid of non-English natives. The UI design is user friendly. Game Center integration provides the motivation for competitive minded souls out there. It is also largely stable. Check it out if you love folding puzzles.

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