Mobi Calculator Pro App for Android Review

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If you deal with complex mathematical calculations, you’ll invariably need a scientific calculator. The native calculator app in Android is not equipped for that. Mobi Calculator Pro app for Android is one such scientific calculator utility that can help you out with simple as well as complex mathematical calculations. You can download Mobi Calculator Pro Android app for $3.49 from Google Play Store.

Mobi Calculator Pro App Features

Mobi Calculator Pro app for Android has a UI that resembles the actual scientific calculator some of us are used to. The app is capable of handling advanced mathematical equations – and this includes those tricky equations in Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, Geometry, and Calculus. It provides time calculation in two modes, not to mention Radix mode and logarithmic calculation support.

The UI of Mobi Calculator Pro app is thoughtfully designed. Not only it has a real calculator’s feel, but also has large buttons that are comfortable to type on, and you can easily switch between standard and scientific modes in one tap. You can also set it to automatically convert decimal numbers into binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers into octal numbers etc. If you have any trouble using the calculator, you can find your answers using the built-in guide. Also, a reminder message randomly pops up, especially if the app senses that you’re lost or if you’re not sure about what you’re doing.

Mobi Calculator Pro App for Android

You can change its UI layout and color. The calculation history feature stores your last 1000 calculations. The archive calculations can be copy/paste and send it to your friends/peers if required. Performance wise, the app provides accurate results and it does so pretty quickly as well. Mobi Calculator Pro is compatible with Android OS versions 1.5 and up. As per its developers, the app is still in expansion mode that more features will be soon added in the coming months.


Mobi Calculator Pro app for Android is a well designed scientific calculator app. A realistic calculator interface and large buttons makes it a pleasure to use the utility. Performance wise, it is as good as your physical scientific calculator. Customization options certainly come handy especially if you’re particular about its color and looks. Calculation history gives you a peep into your previously done calculations. The app is also available in thinned-down free version. Verdict: A handy utility for students and professionals.

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