Super Hexagon App for iPhone Review

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The simplicity of concept is what makes a mobile game attractive. Super Hexagon app for iPhone is one such game application that is simple in many ways, but turns fiendishly challenging once you start playing it. You can download and enjoy Super Hexagon iPhone app for a nominal price of $2.99.

Super Hexagon App Features

Super Hexagon app for iPhone presents you as a tiny icon, a geometric shape glued to a hexagon, at the center of your phone screen. You can orbit the said hexagon using simple touch-controls. For example, tap left to rotate it counter-clockwise and tap right to turn in clockwise. The bottom-line is to navigate through an ever-decreasing set of hexagons. Some of them will be one walled whereas others might have only one gap in them. As they approach the center, on their hexagonal path, the spaces get smaller. So it takes lots of concentration and quick tapping to stay in the game.

Super Hexagon App for iPhone

The challenge comes from the fact that everything in iPhone Super Hexagon app happens in furious speed, accompanied by flashing colors and pumping techno soundtrack. The game comes in three levels of difficulty – hard, harder and hardest. Each of the modes progresses through stages based on geometric shapes every 15 seconds. If you manage to last for a minute in a mode, an even harder hyper version unlocks. From a player perspective, you start by surviving 5 min, 10 min etc until you touch the one minute limit. It is a much more fulfilling experience than what you could get from 100hr of RPG.

If you fail, you’re back to the beginning and trying again. There is no progress saving or anything. Everything is pretty straightforward. On the downside, any notification midway through a game will spoil the session. If this happens while you’re enjoying a dream run, it’ll be certainly annoying.


Super Hexagon app for iPhone an addictive yet difficult game; it takes fast fingers and loads of concentration even to survive few minutes. But once you’re in the zone, it will be difficult to put down. The graphics is minimal to say the least. It is a bit disappointing however that an incoming notification could spoil your game experience. Verdict: The game is quite challenging. Surviving it is certainly something worth bragging about. On the other hand, if you’re slow and methodical, this one is not for you.

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