MobileSafer app for Blackberry Review

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MobileSafer is a handy Blackberry application that pre-empts the temptation to text, while keeping yourself connected to the phone through hands-free services. Blackberry MobileSafer app automatically responds back to incoming calls/emails/text messages, by letting the caller/sender know that you are on the wheel. By forcing the user away from the mobile device, the app prevents accidents, crashes, and tickets. MobileSafer app for Blackberry device can be purchased online for a price of US$19.99.

The Application

The MobileSafer device goes into ‘safe drive’ mode when any Bluetooth device in your vehicle activates on starting the vehicle. In the said mode, the app restricts access to keypad and screen, while allowing the user to communicate through hands-free options via Bluetooth solution. Locking the keypad and screen eliminates the dangerous temptation to text and email while driving.

Further, MobileSafer app for Blackberry lets you know who is calling in the event of an inbound call so that you don’t have to look at your phone. The app automatically responds back to incoming calls by letting the caller know that you are driving at the moment. Even though, access to the screen and keypad is restricted, still the user can make use of hands-free voice dialer to make outbound calls through hands-free device. As far as the text of auto-replies is concerned, you can opt to edit it to suit your needs. The said changes to the reply option can be made from the ‘Basic Options’ menu in the app interface.

MobileSafer also lets the user call ‘911’ in the event of an emergency. If one dials ‘911’, the app exits all settings for a period of one hour. This gives the window for the emergency services to contact you if required.

Finally, using the ‘suspend’ option, you can suspend the app for 1 to 5 minutes, if so required. During this period, you can access the mobile phone, and all its features without any restriction. For example, imagine that you are in your car and parked, but the engine is still running; so, under normal conditions, the app won’t exit on its own. But you can choose to suspend the app for a short time duration, and access the various services in the Blackberry phone otherwise is restricted while the engine is running.


MobileSafer app for Blackberry certainly helps reduce road accidents, considering the fact that many a times, accidents are caused by using mobile phones while driving. By restricting access to the keypad/ screen, and forcing the user to communicate only via Bluetooth hands-free devices, the app will ensure that the user’s hands will always on the wheel and eyes fixed on the road while driving. In other words, the app pre-empts any potential distraction that could arise for the driver in terms of text message/email/ incoming call. The MobileSafer app can be purchased online for a very a reasonable price tag of $19.99.

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