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Blurb is an incredible app that is basically a juiced up scrapbook plus PowerPoint app that lets you put your pics together into a theme and tell a great story.  This is something that photo journalists do and now that creativity is in the hands of anyone with a few pics and an iPhone.


Blurb can snag photos from your other cam apps like PS Express and Hipstamatic.  You don’t have to just share it with Blurb though; the app also lets you share through Facebook, email and Twitter.


Now, while this is a best app, it does have a quirky little drawback.  You can download it for free but it limits you to the amount of content you can add to your story.  If you want to be able to add more pics, audio and video, then you’ll have to upgrade for two dollars.


The app works like a charm, is great looking and very simple to use.  This will be an app that will be around for awhile and has a lot of potential for more features, themes and design options.  As with most apps from companies that sell a product.


Blurb is a functional and useful best app, but it is also great advertising for the main website where they sell book making services, that is, book making as in making books, not gambling.

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Quick and easy compilation of media

Integration with popular social media



Blurb is a great scrapbook type of app that allows you to put your photos, videos and audio in a format that is easily distributable.  It is a fun way to share your stories and it is a very well made app.  With the potential of continued media updates, such as themes and new functions, Blurb is a keeper and a best app.



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