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Shazam is a Blackberry app to turn to if you wish to know the name of the track/artist of a given song played in your handset. Shazam listens to the track using Blackberry’s microphone, and compares the audio snapshot with its eight million track database to search out the particular title/artist, before displaying the info, including a link to Amazon to buy the track, for the user. Interestingly, more often than not, the results returned are incredibly accurate. For Blackberry Shazam application, listening to a track takes 15 seconds, and the results are returned within another 15 seconds. A stripped down version of Shazam Blackberry app is available as a free download, while the fully function version of the application comes at a price tag of £5.

How Shazam App Works?

When you wish to know about the song that is being currently played, select ‘Tag Now’ in Shazam, and the app will ‘listen’ to the song, before searching its database (in the server) for the track. If it finds the track, the app presents to the user the song, artist, and album names. Further, the app also presents to the user an option to read the review of the album, purchase a ringtone of the tune (on Jamster), purchase the song (on Amazon), find the track on Youtube and get the album’s discography. Shazam also gives you the option to tweet the new tag, if you wish so. Further, if you are listening to a track, and are able to catch few of the lyrics, you can type in the said lyrics in Shazam and search for the song.

Blackberry Shazam App

The free version of Shazam app for Blackberry, as mentioned above, is a stripped down version of the paid application. Hence, in the free version, one can only tag five songs a month. However, in the paid version, it permits unlimited tagging, plus it gives you more number of options to for more info about the song. But it is a question worth asking as to who will need such a feature when you have Google at your disposal all the time?


Shazam is a handy music search app. It gives almost accurate results for English and even Western Classical music tracks. For other language songs, sometimes it fails to fetch the right album cover correctly. Also, Shazam app might misfire in high decibel surroundings wherein there is lots of ambient noise. Now depending upon how much you want to tag a month, go for the free or paid version.

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